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Since 2012 more than 45,000 posts have been published by over 100 affiliates, generating millions of page views annually.

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Law Firm Content Marketing

Effective and valuable content marketing builds credibility, increases exposure and delivers results.

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Targeted to your audience with clear language and a defined message, content marketing for law firms follows a plan. And it’s vital to regularly produce quality online content in order to build your brand, reach potential clients and convince them to choose your firm.

A key component of a content marketing plan is to measure and evaluate the content you deliver. Frequently setting goals and checking metrics, such as website traffic and leads, reaffirms the plan’s efficacy and identifies gaps and opportunities to improve your online impact.

Content marketing isn’t easy. It takes time to plan, write and evaluate the results. That’s what we’re here for.

A dedicated content marketing strategist will serve as your firm’s guide to the world of content marketing, helping you define goals, map out an editorial calendar, and review and interpret traffic analytics to determine your successes and identify areas with room for improvement. Additionally, our optional writing package provides you with a dedicated content coordinator and professional copywriters to assist with the execution of your content marketing strategy, without overextending your firm’s in-house resources.

It’s never too early to improve your online content.

Our Philosophy

Both journalists and lawyers play a critical role in society. Both fight to uncover and expose the truth. And both protect justice by doing so.

Our editorial newsroom and our affiliate network are presented as separate and distinct to our readers and treated as such internally within our organization.