Legal Examiner Affliiate Dashboard

The Legal Examiner Affiliate Network platform offers analytics that encourage blog contributors, set the stage for accountability, and improve content strategies. Three widgets – total page views, top authors, and top posts – provide an important snapshot of your blog’s reach and impact. 

An effective content marketing strategy considers analytics such as these through regular evaluation over short and longer periods of time. Managers can see who’s delivering content and how effective that content is by tracking traffic and leads by author and/or post. This information can also help show whether your firm is successfully leveraging other parts of your content strategy, such as social media efforts.

Total Page Views Show Traffic Patterns

The graph showing total page views over a selected timeframe of 30, 60 or 90 days offers insight to the traffic patterns of your blog. You can match up days or weeks to the content and messages communicated over that time. 

Below the graph, totals over the period selected include the number of new articles posted, page views, and number of comments on those articles. The graph and totals presented in this widget can be leveraged to see how effective your firm’s content and topics are.

Top Authors Analytics Encourage Participation 

The data in the Top Authors section of the publishing dashboard shows which contributors have garnered the most traffic and leads over 14, 30 or 90 days. It’s important to note that it will only show authors who have posted in the timeframe selected. By looking at posts this way, your firm is able to review author contributions and their impact as they happen throughout the year. The information gathered here can be used to improve content delivery and efficacy.

Being able to review the top 3, top 10 or the full list of authors by ranking lets your firm sort which authors are creating the best results, as well as those who aren’t. Sharing author achievements is a great way to praise and motivate your contributors, while also identifying areas of improvement and setting content goals. You can also compare your authors to the rest of the affiliate network’s authors by selecting Entire Network.

Review Top Posts to Improve Content Impact

The third widget in the publishing dashboard shows the top posts over a 14, 30- or 90-day period. Only posts made within the timeframe selected are included in this data. The top post analytics can help managers identify trends and topics that have resulted in the most traffic, comments and leads. 

Content strategies are most effective when content is reviewed regularly and with purpose, identifying gaps and adjusting topics or focus to improve its impact. When reviewing highly effective posts, it’s important to consider more than the topic, length, and related content campaign – but also the style in which it’s written. 

One final feature in this section is the ability to see what’s most popular across the entire affiliate network. Being part of this network provides a level of credibility within the industry, so it can be beneficial to look at what legal topics are trending to reinforce your content strategy or identify opportunities to improve its overall impact and direction. 

Data Collection and Analytic Differences

The publishing dashboard’s new analytic widgets began collecting data as of May 31st, 2020. Like all analytic software, our numbers won’t match up exactly to those of Google Analytics, but the overall trends will be the same.

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